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We Buy / Sell / Loan Electronics in Northern California

From the laptop you use to work from your neighborhood coffee shop to the smartphone you’re practically attached at the hip to, electronics play an important role in most people’s lives. However, technology is ever-evolving to bring you all the latest and greatest electronic gadgets designed to make your life simpler or more enjoyable and very few people can afford to keep up with them all. Whether you’re looking to buy a new digital camera or gaming system without breaking the bank or you’ve fallen on hard times and are seeking a temporary collateral loan on your iPod or flat-screen television, Oro Jewelry and Loan and Chico Cash Exchange buy/sell/loan electronics of all types, brands and varying conditions in our Oroville, Yuba City and Chico pawn shops in Northern California.

Reasons to Buy & Sell Your Electronics

There are many reasons why you should feel comfortable buying and selling your electronics at a local pawn shop such as ours, including:
  • Electronics Don’t Retain Their Value – electronics manufacturers are constantly introducing newer models and products, they don’t retain their value as much as other products. Why spend top dollar on electronics when you can often find them at a fraction of their retail cost in a pawn shop?
  • Instant Cash Offers – Selling your electronics puts cash in your pockets a lot faster than listing your items on Craigslist or eBay and often brings a higher price than you’d get at a garage sale. Receive a competitive cash offer on the spot at one of our three convenient locations, which are open seven days a week to suit your schedule.
  • Retain Ownership – Pawning your electronics makes it possible to retain ownership and get some extra cash!
  • Upgrade to a Newer Model – Buying electronics gently used in a pawn shop is cheaper than buying them brand-new at a retailer, but still offers you flexibility and many options to keep things fresh and exciting.

All Your Electronics & Pawning Questions Answered

At Oro Jewelry and Loan and Chico Cash Exchange, our selection of electronics in Oroville, Yuba City and Chico is constantly changing. You never know what brand-name electronics you’ll find in our shops. We’ve had desirable products from Samsung, LG, Apple, Nikon, Sony, HP and more come through our inventory. Come in today and browse our selection of available electronics and related accessories, or feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have for us!