Collateral Loans – Pawns

Oro Jewelry and Loan recognizes that it is important to offer our customers more than one option when it comes to making financial decisions. As a collateral lender, Chico Cash Exchange understands that it is important to be able to obtain financial assistance through a variety of avenues. Through our services, we offer a convenient, discreet, and confidential alternative to obtaining the solution you need.

The Process Is Simple

Collateral loans are available on any of the following items including, but not limited, to jewelry, luxury watches, diamonds and precious metals. If you possess something of value that you would like a loan on that is not mentioned here, you can call please contact the store nearest you.

It Is Quick & Easy to Get a Collateral Loan

Our staff will evaluate your jewelry and diamonds, and consult with you in regard to your cash needs. Using your jewelry as collateral we will loan you money for a four-month period. At the end of the four months, plus a ten-day grace period, you pay back the loan with fees and interests and receive your jewelry in return. This process is quick and easy and only takes minutes to complete!

It Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Bring us an item mentioned below.
  2. Show us a valid ID.
  3. Get cash in minutes!

We Will Accept a Collateral Loan on the Following, but Not Limited To:

Loose Diamonds
Diamond Jewelry
Gold Jewelry
Platinum Jewelry
Gold Watches
Dental Gold

Scrap Gold
Gold Coins
Complete Estates
Unwanted Jewelry
Silver Flatware